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Gippsland Blue 1.5kg

This Australian farmhouse blue was inspired by an Italian Gorgonzola Dolce recipe.

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Inspired by Italian Gorgonzola Dolce, this is one of Australia’s first farmhouse blue cheeses.

Named after the local river, the Tarago River Cheese Company is located in the rich dairy region of Gippsland where the cows enjoy grazing on the rich green pastures. A natural rinded blue cheese, Italian cultures work with the milk proteins and fats encouraging flavour and texture to evolve.

After salting by hand, each wheel matures in an underground cellar for 8 to 10 weeks before being cut & wrapped into quarter wheels. When young, the flavour is buttery with a slight spiciness and fudgy texture. With age, the paste breaks down to a creamy texture and piquant finish.

Tarago River Cheese Co Gippsland Blue 1.5kg 702630 Calendar Cheese Note

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