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Crème Frâiche

Slow fermentation produces a delicate acidity – use to finish, both sweet and savoury dishes.

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In 2003, Meander Valley Dairy set out to produce a range of premium quality, Australian creams as good as those found in Europe, using local Tasmanian cream and traditional recipes.  With the success of their small range, available in both retail and foodservice formats, they looked to new products that focused on their love of cream.  Soon the range grew to include cultured butter and buttermilk, as well as seasonal products released throughout the year.

Cultures are added to pots of local Tasmanian cream before curing in a warm room for 24 hours.  The slow fermentation produces a delicate acidity that is remarkably similar in quality to the best French crème fraiche.  Well suited as an ingredient, or to finish, both sweet and savoury dishes – this is a favourite amongst Australia’s best chefs.

200ml tub | 705003
2l bucket | 701673 NSW & QLD only

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