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Comté Le Bleu AOP 36kg

With a concentrated nuttiness and sweet honey flavour, the rich mountain pastures that the Montbeliard cows graze is reflected in this Comte.

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Comté is a type of Gruyere, a large mountain cheese made in the Jura region on the borders of France and Switzerland. This hard cooked raw milk cheese is made at small dairies or fruitieres using the milk from several herds of Montbeliard cows.

Affineur Marcel Petite selects and matures the young wheels under a cold maturation system at 1,100 metres in the old underground Fort of Saint Antoine, carefully grading cheese before, during and after maturation. Comté Bleu has a rich concentrated nutty texture and gentle sweet honey flavour reflecting the rich milk of the cows that graze the natural mountains pastures.

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