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Manchego DOP 6 Months 3kg

This cheese is selected by Consorcio de los Quesos for its springy texture, buttery aroma and fruity flavour.

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Manchega Sheep are native to the arid but fertile La Mancha Plateau in central Spain and give their name to this famous Spanish cheese.
Made exclusively from Manchega milk under the strict rules of the DOP that protect it, the curds are heated to expel the whey and then brine bathed before maturation. The zig-zag pattern on the rind was traditionally imprinted by a hand-woven grass belt, but today is typically the result of a modern basket used to mould the cheese.
As it matures, tiny holes or ‘eyes’ develop throughout the ivory-coloured paste and flavour that ranges from fruity with a milky finish when young, to a grassy flavour and sharp finish when long-aged. Consorcio de los Quesos select wheels with a dense texture, buttery aroma and full flavour that has hints of toasted nuts and grass.

Merco Manchego 6mth 3kg Calendar Cheese Note 702019

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