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Mepunga Gruyère 19kg

An excellent base for an Australian fondue, this organic cheese has wonderful melting properties which makes it a versatile in the kitchen.

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Inspired by traditional Alpage Gruyère, Mepunga Gruyère is only made in spring.

Originally from the French Alps, Matthieu Megard values the importance of ‘terroir’ in the cheese making process to reflect the local environment and selects the finest organic milk from family owned dairies in the South West of Victoria. The curds are heated to expel moisture and this creates a smooth textured cheese with excellent melting qualities and a sweet nutty finish. During maturation, the 16kg wheels are regularly washed in brine which encourages the development of delicious savoury flavours.

L’Artisan Cheese Organic Mepunga Gruyere 19kg Calendar Cheese Note 704227

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