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Caciocavallo Smoked 850g

Stretched by hand into a teardrop shape, the aged Caciocavallo is smoked over natural beechwood to take on this smokey, salty flavour.

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The name of this Southern Italian cheese translates to ‘horse cheese’ referring to the tradition of tying two cheeses together with string and hanging them over a stick to mature which resembled a person sitting on a horse or perhaps the bags often used to carry goods on horseback. The curd is next hand-stretched which allows it to be moulded into the desired shape, in this case a moneybag.

After aging, a gentle smoking over traditional Beechwood imparts a smoky flavour and a golden colour to each cheese.

This aged mozzarella has a medium-firm texture like provolone, a smoky flavour and salty finish. Enjoy grilled for antipasto.

That’s Amore Cheese Smoked Caciocavallo 800g 705510 Cheese Note

Giorgio Linguanti’s love of fine food began when working in a small shop in Sicily that specialised in products from the nearby Aeolian Islands. On arriving in Melbourne in 2004, with a love of food and speaking only Italian, he turned his hand to cheese making and in 2008 That’s Amore was born.

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