Waikato Vintage 10kg

Made seasonally this cheese is reminicient of a Gouda, however the local milk and flora see Waikato Vintage take on its own character.

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Waikato is also the name of the longest river in New Zealand and means ‘flowing water’ in Māori.

Created by Dutch cheesemaker Albert Alferink , it’s a washed curd cheese which means after the curds are cut, the whey is drained and replaced with warm water. This enables a deep, toffee-like sweetness to develop.

Maturation is on pine shelves for nearly two years during which time they develop a firm, dense, crumbly texture with crystals present. The flavour is rich, bright and herbaceous with a sweet finish and can only be achieved with fresh, pasture-based milk.

Waikato Vintage 10kg Calendar Cheese Note 705489

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