Casa Madaio Cinerino 1.5kg

Capturing the earthiness of the region this firm textured pastoral cheese is matured in the natural ditches (fossa) of the area.

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13th of June has always marked the arrival of summer for the inhabitants of Castelcivita, a small village on the slopes of the Alburni hills where the feast of St Anthony is celebrated with bonfires. Myrtle branches are used to fuel the fire to honour the Saint and after, the fine ash is collected and rubbed on small, fresh wheels of pecorino to protect them during the following months of maturation in the Madaio family’s caves. The wheels mark the occasion and are released when the interior is still supple and milky with a delicate, smoky finish close to the rind.

Casa Madaio Cinerino 1.5kg 700493 Cheese Note CCC 18Feb2021