Latteria Perenzin Millefoglie Al Marzemino 6.8kg

During maturation, this cheese is steeped in ‘Marzemino diRefrontolo Passito’ – a rare, sweet and fruity red wine from the region.

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Made in the alpine foothills of Italy by Slow Food approved producer Perenzin, Millefoglie al Marzemino is a modern version of an Ubrianco (drunken) cheese. The name of this cheese literally translates to ‘thousand layers with marzemino’ – reflecting the visible marbling of wine throughout the cheese.
During maturation, the cheese is steeped in ‘Marzemino di
Refrontolo Passito’ wine – a rare, sweet and fruity red wine from the local area. The cheese is then pierced with holes, allowing the wine to diffuse itself in the paste of the cheese.
The resulting cheese has a sweet finish and is ideally served with a full fruity red wine.

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