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Woombye Ash Brie

A delicious award winning ashed brie-style cheese made in Queensland.

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Ash has long been a traditional covering on cheese since medieval times, particularly in France. Woombye Ash Brie is handmade using Woombye Triple Cream Brie as the base. This cheese has a lovely creamy flavour with a hint of smokiness and mushroom. The texture of this white mould cheese is decadently rich and creamy and the ash layer in the rind contrasts beautifully with the pale interior when cut.  As a result, this cheese makes a striking addition to any cheese platter. Woombye Ash Brie was awarded Champion White Mould Cheese of Australia at the Australian Dairy Awards in February 2020.

This Award winning cheese takes 9 full days to mature and every day each cheese is turned daily by hand to ensure the rind forms perfectly. Twice during its 9 days of maturation, they are carefully rolled by hand through vegetarian French ash to ensure the outside of each cheese is coated evenly and perfectly.  Then while continuing to mature, the ash creates a beautiful thin black layer within the rind. The result is a beautiful cheese with a hint of smokiness and mushroom in the rind which compliments the creamy flavour of the rich interior.

Available in 2 formats:

200g wheel Woombye Ash Brie 200g 705318 Calendar Cheese Note
720g log Woombye Ash Brie 720g 705588 Calendar Cheese Note

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