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Holy Goat Skyla 110g

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This surface-ripened goat’s milk cheese is handmade at Sutton Grange Organic Farm near Castlemaine using ancient cheese making techniques that were refined in the Loire Valley over a millennium.

Lactic acid fermentation slowly sets the curd over 24-hours before it is gently hand-ladled into moulds, as to preserve its delicate structure. After draining, the young cheeses are moved to the maturation room where they are turned daily for seven days so the wrinkly Geotrichum candidum rind develops evenly.

More mature than its younger La Luna siblings, Skyla has a firmer paste and a broader spectrum of flavours; salty, herbaceous, lactic and citrus abound in this small goat’s milk cheese.

Crisp, mineral white wine varietals such as Sancerre are a stunning match with this style of aged goat cheese.

*Available in NSW only*

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