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Le Secret des Lys 80g

Evoking fresh, earthy and mushroom aromas, its silky texture melts in the mouth.

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Traditionally made with goats’ milk, this delicate cows milk cheese is based on the raw milk versions of St Felicien and St Marcellin.

Made near the village of Cleron high in the mountains of the Franche-Comte region by the Perrin family, Le Secret des Lys is a fragile, lactic set cheese with a geotrychum rind. The wrinkled rind gives way to fresh earthy and mushroom aromas, with buttery and creamy flavours on the palate, finishing with a very slight citrus tang.

The cheese is matured in a small ceramic dish which enables the cheese to hold its form as it slowly ripens and provides an oven proof vessel for serving the cheese warm.

Jean Perrin Le Secret des Lys Calendar Cheese Note 704319

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