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Milawa Camembert 150g

Made in the normandy style with locally sourced milk from nearby Whorouly, Milawa Camembert has a velvety, soft, mild white bloomy rind and a thick buttery interior.

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A velvety, soft, mild white bloomy rind with a thick buttery interior that develops into a creamy texture. Milawa Cheese Company was established in the 1980s by artisan cheese pioneers David and Anne Brown to create European style cheeses in Australia and today the family run business produces a range of handcrafted cheeses at the historic Milawa Butter Factory.

During production, the cut curds are stirred gently before hooping by hand and allowed to drain. After brining, the small rounds are placed in the maturation room for around 10 days where Milawa Camembert develops its velvety, soft, white bloomy rind and a rich, buttery interior.

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