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Sustainability Matters

Calendar Cheese is committed to sustainability initiatives, which means constantly improving the ways we work to have a positive impact on our team, our planet, our customers and the community. In doing so we will create sustainable growth for the company and together, we work to create a better tomorrow for future generations.

Our company’s intention is to contribute positively to a more sustainable future through “Sustainability Matters” framework and initiatives

Sustainable Matters is centred around core commitments: 

 Health, Safety & Wellbeing – we maintain a relentless focus on providing safe workplaces 

  1. People development, diversity, and inclusion – we strive to provide a safe and inclusive work environment. We provide opportunities for our team members to enhance their job performance, develop their careers and be at their best 
  2. Ethical sourcing and human rights – we strive to source products in an ethical, responsible, and sustainable manner while working with suppliers to improve their social and environmental practices
  3. Product quality and safety – we are committed to providing safe, high-quality products and to pursue improvements to nutrition, enjoyment, and customer satisfaction 
  4. Community contributions – we support the local communities that support us, and those most in need 
  5. Climate change resistance – we strive to reduce the emissions intensity of our businesses and improve their resilience to climate change 
  6. Waste, packaging, and plastic – we strive to reduce our waste to landfill and improve packaging
  7. Robust governance – we maintain robust corporate governance policies in all our businesses 

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals are the blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all. They address the global challenges we face, including poverty, inequality, climate change, environmental degradation, peace and justice. At Calendar we have decided to focus on those goals where we can have the biggest impact. Please click on the links below for information about each of the UN Sustainability goals and how Calendar is working towards achieving them. For more information on the UN goals you can visit the official website at

UN Sustainability Goals

77 Million
The population of our planet increases by 77 million people a year.
3 Hours
You can run a TV for 3 Hours from the energy of 1 recycled aluminium can.
10 Million
The number of trees cut down every year to make toilet paper.
1% Usable
Only 1% of the world's water supply is usable, 97% are the oceans and 2% is frozen (for now).
Fresh Water
25% of the world’s fresh water supply is used to grow food that is never eaten
Wasted Food
Over 1/3 of all food produced globally goes to waste

Our Sustainable Plan in Action​

Calendar supports RU OK? Day

R U OK? is a suicide prevention charity in Australia, encouraging all of us to notice the signs of mental health struggle in friends, family,

Australian Packaging Covenant

Calendar is proud to be a member of the Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation, a not for profit organisation leading the development of a circular economy

Composting with Compost Connect

The Calendar Cheese NSW team based at Alexandria have started composting their office and warehouse waste using not-for-profit online platform Compost Connect.

Plastic Free July

Plastic Free July is a global movement that helps millions of people be part of the solution to plastic pollution – so we can have cleaner streets, oceans, and beautiful communities.

Rain Water Collection at Truganina NDC

Calendar Cheese has installed 2 x 3000 Rain water collection tanks at the Truganina National Distribution Centre.  These rain water tanks are used to irrigate

Shift to Hybrid Vehicles

Since 2019 the Calendar Cheese transport team have begun trading in petrol and diesel vehicles and purchasing hybrid vehicles where a comparable model exists.

Solar Power at Truganina NDC

In June 2020, Calendar Cheese opened our new distribution center in Truganina, Victoria. This state of the art facility includes a 300MW solar panel system

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