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Woombye Cheese Company

Woombye Cheese Company


Woombye Cheese Company was founded by Graeme and Karen Paynter in 2013 in the Sunshine Coast hinterland surrounded by rolling green hills. After leaving their fast-paced corporate careers in pursuit of the simple life, they chose this beautiful, rural location to begin a new life making cheese. They were drawn to the lush pastures of the surrounding countryside knowing they would be able to source milk, fresh every day from the herds of Jersey and Friesian cows at neighbouring dairy farms. This small family business quickly grew, receiving accolades and finding its way to the tables of the most sought-after restaurants.

Today, Woombye Cheese Company is still making and maturing their award-winning range of handcrafted cheeses using traditional methods and locally sourced milk from this idyllic location. In 2022, Woombye Cheese was entrusted to a new local family, who believe it was simply ‘meant to be’ after a serendipitous meeting with Graeme many years before. The O’Leary family, alongside the established Woombye team continue to make some of Australia’s best cheese; including Brie and Camembert styles, Washed Rind, Ash and their decadent Truffle Triple Cream Brie.



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Woombye is situated in Queensland’s Sunshine Coast region approximately 1.5 hours drive north of Brisbane. Surrounded by beautiful agricultural and dairy country it’s the perfect place to make cheese.


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