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Gorgonzola Dolce DOP

The most popular form of Gorgonzola in Italy today, is known as Dolce or sweet Gorgonzola.

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The most popular form of Gorgonzola in Italy is known as Dolce Gorgonzola, the term used for young or sweet cheese.

The Mauri family make cheese using local milk from the lush pastures around their dairy in Lombardy and mature it in their mountain caves. Typically made from a single milking, the white interior has thick green lines of mould and a soft creamy flavour. The crusty rind bulges as it matures and develops distinct yeasty flavours reminiscent of Taleggio.

Gorgonzola Dolce is soft, sweet, with a subtle creamy texture, and piquant finish.

Available in 3 formats:

12kg wheel | cuts | 707919
1.5kg wedge | 707918
200g slice | 707920

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