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Le Roi Carles Roquefort AOP 1.3kg

Roquefort is recognised as the cheese of Kings and King of French cheese and the Carles family dairy is one of the smallest and most respected of the remaining producers.

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It was Jacques Carles who helped Will overturn the Australian Roquefort ban in 2005 and we are delighted to continue the family link with Le Roi Roquefort. Produced by Jacques’ daughter Delphine, this exclusive artisan cheese is entirely made by hand in a small purpose built dairy in the Averyon region using old school methods.

In keeping with family tradition cheese making begins in the afternoon using fresh ewe’s milk collected that morning from fifteen small farms. This is to ensure that live microbes contribute to the development of flavour, without the excessive use of commercial starter cultures.

The unique combination of Penicillium Roqueforti spores sprinkled by hand into to the young curds is carefully cultivated on large carbon-crusted wood-fired loaves in the family caves in the village of Roquefort.

The atmosphere of these unique caves is naturally cooled by fissures running beneath the crypt of the village church, and they contain three levels of ancient oak shelving dating back centuries. Their role in maturation is critical, and Delphine is now the only producer to individually stack young cheese the old-fashioned way to ripen directly on the wood, rather than on plastic or in crates.

Le Roi Roquefort is carefully selected for its soft creamy texture and balance of rich, sweet, salty savoury flavours. Every batch is slightly different depending on season, but that of course is what makes it so interesting to work with.
Enjoy – Roquefort doesn’t get any better.

Selected By Will Studd Le Roi Carles Roquefort AOP 1.3kg Calendar Cheese Note 707166

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