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Aphrodite Barrel Aged Feta PDO

Packed in barrels and matured for three months, the soft milk texture and lingering lemony finish are sure to please.

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Authentic handmade Greek feta that has been carefully ripened in small, old beech wood barrels using traditional techniques that date back to the time when nomadic shepherds roamed the hills of northern Greece.
The barrels enable small amounts of oxygen to reach the salted curds as they ferment under whey, and the natural flora in the wooden staves helps to encourage a unique yeasty aroma. Each barrel has to be filled with curd by hand and after the cheese has been removed, it must be broken down stave by stave, washed and rebuilt by a skilled cooper.
After three months maturation in the barrel, the feta develops a soft milky texture and a seriously creamy peppery finish.

Selected by Will Studd Aphrodite Barrel Aged Feta Calendar Cheese Note

Available in 3 formats:

170g vacuum pack | 701638
180g tub | 706298
3.63kg tub | 703730

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