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Aphrodite Feta Barrel Aged Special Reserve 400g

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While visiting Greece Will came across a rare example of ‘extra mature barrel-aged feta’ and was astounded by the difference that doubling the time in the barrel made to the texture and flavour. Up until the 1950s, all Feta in Northern Greece was ripened in hand made beechwood barrels and the finest quality seasonal cheese was often matured by shepherds at home for six months or longer. Today, PDO regulations specify that all Feta is matured for at least three months, however, most modern examples are aged in tins, stainless steel, or plastic.

Aphrodite Special Reserve Feta is ripened the old-fashioned way in beechwood barrels for a minimum of six months. Weighing in at over 60 Kg when full, each barrel is first washed with whey, and then coated on the inside with Mizithra cheese. The wood provides a unique home for the rich microbial life that helps give this unique feta its special zing.

This Special Reserve Feta has a moisture-rich, crumbly texture, yeasty aroma, and a perfectly pronounced peppery finish. It eats well on its own and is equally delicious when used in cooking.

Selected by Will Studd Aphrodite Reserve BA Feta PDO 400g 707395 Calendar Cheese Note

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