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Meredith Dairy Chevre 80g

This soft goat curd has a light, creamy texture and delicate lemony tang.

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Meredith Dairy started in 1991 when the combination of a chance meeting with a cheesemaker and the suspension of the wool price reserve steered Julie and Sandy Cameron towards setting up a small dairy making cheeses and natural yoghurts on their farm in Victoria. Goats were added in 1996 and soon after goat’s milk cheeses and yoghurts were being made in addition to sheep’s milk products.

Today, Meredith Dairy is still a family run business located in rural Victoria in the town of the same name. Meredith Dairy is committed to making excellent dairy products, leading standards in animal husbandry and demonstrating their love of the land through several environmental programs. Over 20% of the farm is set aside for conservation, only renewable energy is used and annual tree planting programs offsets carbon, further reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Both their products and their dedication to sustainability, have been celebrated with many awards over the years.

Meredith Chevre is a true artisan farmhouse cheese, made by hand using milk supplied only from the farm. Having little distance to travel to the dairy, this milk is the freshest it can possibly be, when it starts its transformation into cheese. This freshness is reflected in the final flavour, giving the cheese a creamy, distinctive fresh lemon flavour.  This soft curd cheese is made from fresh morning milk that is naturally set and gently drained overnight to encourage the development of a sweet mild, moist curd. Its moist texture makes it easy to spread on crackers or crumble through salads.

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