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Woodside Cheese Wrights Chevre 150g

This fresh chevre has a mild flavour with a lemony, acidic tang.

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The Woodside Chevre is made from fresh local goat milk sourced from Towerview and Oskjberg goat dairies. Made several times a week this product is always fresh. Pasteurisation is achieved using the batch method which is very gentle to the milk.

The milk is set using a traditional long set method which is overnight. The following day the curd is ladled into cheesecloth bags. The curd drains for several hours, this process is very gentle as the curd has a delicate structure. This product is pure with only a small amount of salt being added. Once salted a further draining process occurs for a period of ten days in a controlled environment.

This Chevre has a mild, flavour with almost a lemony tang; this comes from the acid in the cheese.
This product is particularly favoured by chefs around Australia, it is perfect on its own and makes an ideal partner to both sweet and savoury dishes. Chevre can be used in tarts, both sweet and savoury, terrines and wherever a crumbling Goats cheese is called for.

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