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Woodside Monet 120g Valentine’s Day Edition

A beautiful chevre adorned with petals- the perfect gift for any cheese lover on Valentine’s Day.

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Cheesemaker Kris Lloyd uses South Australian goat’s milk to create a delicate curd that is set and then cut into small squares. Each portion is adorned with fresh, edible flowers for this seasonal presentation. The bright, citrusy notes of the goat cheese shine through whilst the flowers beautifully contrast the pearly white curd.

Each Monet is carefully vacuum-packed to provide the best possible shelf life. This process imparts a translucency to their overlapping petals, reminiscent of impressionist paintings by the great French painter of the same name.

“Created to bring Monet’s garden alive, this seasonal cheese is delicately flavoured to showcase the balanced acid in the cheese , it is adorned with fresh edible flowers not unlike Monet’s garden.” Kris Lloyd, AM, Woodside Cheesewrights.

Woodside Monet 120g Valentines Day Edition 706911 Note 17Nov2021


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