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Isle of Mull Farmhouse Cheddar 25kg

From the rugged west coast of Scotland, this clothbound farmhouse cheese reflects its location with wild ocean flavours – a combination of flinty, salty, hints of anchovy – that take you to the windswept island.

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In 1982, Jeff and Chris Reade packed up their farm and family, and transported them 500-odd miles from Somerset to Scotland. They settled on the Isle of Mull.

During the summer, the cows graze on the richly diverse pastures of the island which flourish in the warmer months but with notoriously damp Scottish climate, the amount of time they can spend outdoors is limited. The quest for supplementary food led the Reades to the local distillery which was facing the problem of disposing of fermented grain. It didn’t take long for a symbiotic relationship to emerge. The herd feeds on grass in summer and hay in winter but enjoys a supplement of fermented grain throughout the year – a unique addition which adds to the cheese’s deeply flavoursome complexity.

Once set and moulded, the cheeses are kept in an underground cellar to mature for up to 18 months. Forged out of the challenging conditions of the island and the extraordinary resourcefulness of the Reades, this cheddar shouldn’t be missed.

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