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Vintage Clothbound Cheddar Portion 150g

Handcrafted Clothbound Cheddar made using the finest milk from the pure pastures of Pyengana in Tasmania’s North East.

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Handcrafted using the finest milk from the pure pastures of the Pyengana farm.

Located in Tasmania’s north east, cheesemaking at Pyengana dates back to the 1890s, and the lush pastures provide a rich diet for the herd of Holstein cows that graze there. The introduction of milking robots reflects how the dairy has brought innovation and tradition together to create their award-winning farmhouse cheddar. The cheese is produced using the stirred curd method which develops a fine textured, crumbly body along with aromas of summer grass, herbs and honey.

Vintage cheeses are selected for maturation of upto 24 months on pine shelves encourages the natural microflora which play a crucial role in developing the long, sweet and nutty flavour.

Pyengana Dairy Vintage Clothbound Cheddar 150g 705517 Calendar Cheese Note

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