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Jensen’s Red 1.5kg

Named after Tarago River Cheese Company’s Co-Founder and head cheesemaker Laurie Jensen, the flavour of this washed rind cheese is often compared to those other great Australian favourites- vegemite and beer.

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Named after co-founder and head cheesemaker Laurie Jensen, this washed rind cheese has a blend of over 20 different cultures that work with natural milk flora to create a complex cheese. Located on the Tarago River, this Gippsland dairy produces a popular range of handmade farmhouse cheeses with milk from their herd.

During maturation, each wheel is carefully washed and turned, promoting even ripening and development of the sticky, orange bacterial rind. The combination of moulds and ‘b’ linen bacteria create a strong yeasty aroma and rich savoury flavours. When fully ripe, the aroma is sweet and yeasty whilst the centre is dense and creamy with a flavour often compared to those other great Australian favourites – vegemite and beer.

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