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Buche de Montresor 250g

Distinguished by the straw that runs through the centre, this cheese has been made for around a thousand years. The ashed rind makes a stunning contrast to the ivory white centre.

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Based on the traditional log shape of the region, the distinguishing characteristic of Buche de Montresor is the straw in the centre of the cheese. For 4 generations, this family run dairy has been making traditional goat’s milk cheeses on the borders of Touraine, Berry and Sologne, in the Centre region of France. Matured under a wrinkled geotrychum rind, each cheese is covered with salted, ground charcoal and cellared for 4 weeks.

When mature, the cheese looks quite rustic with flecks of blue mould on the rind. The ivory white paste is sweet, salty with a slightly acidic flavour and the fine texture changes as the cheese ages from soft to firm. The straw is placed in each cheese after the moulds are filled with curds, to provide strength by acting like a back bone to the delicate cheese.

Jacquin Buche de Montresor 250g Calendar Cheese Note 701105

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