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Taleggio Bontaleggio di Grotta DOP 2.2kg

Mauri Taleggio is considered one of the finest DOP cheeses made in Italy.

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The unique micro climate in the natural caves where these cheeses are matured, under the Grigna mountain, is key to the flavour and profile of this cheese. The Mauri family have made cheese near the village of Pasturo for four generations and are the only producer to claim Stagionatura di Grotta (cave ripened) on their products.

Washed and brushed several times over a month, and matured in stacked wooden pine boxes, the cheese develops a thin bloom flecked with grey yeasts and blue Penicillium mould on its distinctive orange rind. Beneath the thin, crusty rind the ivory texture of the cheese begins to change slowly as it ripens, becoming buttery and soft, balanced with a distinctive yeasty flavour.

Specially selected wheels are chosen for further aging in the caves for up to 50 days. The resulting Taleggio di Grotta transforms from a creamy, yeasty cheese, to a slightly firmer, richer and meatier version of the original with a heavier, pronounced rind.

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